Old Greenhouse Ice Cream Shop
'Growing the Flavour of Wellington One Scoop at a Time'

We are now open for the 2024 season. Our hours will be Noon-7pm until July, then we will extend to 11am-8pm.

A little more than ten years ago, we had a dream to revive what had once been a thriving family business on an historic property on Wellington's Main Street.

Ice cream has always been a sweet summer treat in The County and we just knew we had the right recipe for success with The Old Greenhouse.

Our first summer, 2016, was an amazing, resounding success with thousands streaming through our doors and going away with big ice creamy smiles and we're planning more of the same for the summer of 2024 - but with even more and better sweet treats!

This season we bring some amazing new ideas to our already stellar lineup of full-cream 10% soft serve and scooped styles of ice cream. There will be more specialty bowls, shakes, ice cream floats and a dazzling new array of cool stuff in a combination of soft-serve and slush flavours.

Just wait until you try it!

We can't wait to share our new, delicious ideas with our regular customers and the thousands who'll flock to The County this summer from all corners of the province and beyond.

Come on in to the coolest spot when the weather's hot!